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Patterns of Light by Sheree Kennedy

If you love art and are looking for something unique with a modern vibe, or searching for that special gift – ‘Patterns of Light’ artwork is full of positivity and inspiration.

‘Patterns of Light’ designs have movement and flow so they inspire emotional connection and intrigue.  The intention is that you can ‘feel’ the essence of what they represent, so that they embrace you, inspire you and expand awareness.  As an intuitive artist it’s great to challenge perceptions, to understand that beauty in nature is not just about what we can physically see, but also an appreciation of what is going on a subtle energetic level too.

Patterns of Light products offer the potential to raise the vibration around you and your home.  To evoke feelings of well-being and happiness, to renew the spirit and nurture the soul.  I hope they capture your imagination and brighten up your days!



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Neck Tube – Scarfy Art – Smart, practical, versatile, original. Having purchased a number of these scarves the subtle, elusive design and colourways are so fascinating, you are drawn into a world of movement and energy, light, pattern, a swirling dance of intrigue. When I am not wearing them I hang them on the wall as artwork, fantastic they do not crease due to the material and after numerous washes there is no colour fade. Quality product, fantastic value.

Katherine Jenkins

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I love Sheree’s work, I bought my first one-off original artwork called ‘Expansion’ in 2010 and it still takes pride of place over my fireplace!  I recently bought a Three Owls piece because it reminded me of myself and my two sons.

Jenny Nolan

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Thank you Sheree – such a beautiful creation ‘Beautiful Soul’ by Patterns of Light – we are so in love with this stunning picture.  It changed and uplifted the energy vibration in our living room – our sacred space is truly enhanced.  We now have placemats and coasters to match, so beautiful – such great quality.

Gerrie Ritchie-Cox